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Discipline Policy

It is very important for a child's development to be nurtured through caring, patience, and understanding. While caring for your child(ren) at preschool, sometimes staff members may have to respond to their misbehavior. Hitting, kicking, spitting, hostile behavior, and other behaviors which will hurt another child or adult, are not permitted at preschool.

To encourage cooperative behavior at preschool, our staff will:

  • Respect your child
  • Establish clear rules
  • Be consistent in enforcing rules
In response to misbehavior, our staff will: 
  • Use positive language to explain desired behavior
  • Speak calmly while bending down to your child's eye level
  • Give clear choices
  • Redirect your child to a new activity
  • Remove your child from a situation or activity, if necessary

In response to misbehavior, our staff will NOT use:

  • Threats or bribes
  • Physical punishment of any kind
  • Deprive your child of food or other basic needs
  • Humiliation or isolation

If your child's behavior is very disruptive or harmful to himself or othres, a staff member will discuss the issue with you privately. If the situation can be resolved, your child may remain enrolled. If we are unable to resolve the issue in a timely manner, you may be asked to make other child care arrangements. 

As a parent, you may have some concerns, or wish to offer suggestions on how to redirect your child. Pleaes use the space below to add any information that may be helpful regarding your child. Our staff may modify the discipline policy for your child, if needed.

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A second copy of this policy is available for review in the policy booklet you will receive electronically at the beginning of the year. If you would prefer a paper copy, please let the director or your child's teacher know. This policy was developed from FSSSA information, samples, and guidelines.